My entire career has been focused on the pursuit of learning everything about technology and how it can be used to better our society and humanity. It became clear to me early on that you never stop learning. After 25 years I am still learning and never had more fun in the pursuit of knowledge. 

On that journey I have spent a lot of time observing how to apply technology to every day life. In recent years I have applied my know how and knowledge to create systems which make technology easier for the retail industry and its supply chain.

While I continue to work diligently as a software consultant in the retail industry. I have broader interests in using my expertise in the pursuit of preserving our family's history in any and all ways possible.

My central goal is to preserve the future of our Gallagher and Goodman family history first. A secondary goal is to have the resources which will enable the effective preservation of genealogical, photographic, written and audio graphic materials.

It is my ultimate hope to enable a prosperous future through the preservation of family histories. 

Andrew Gallagher
Managing Member
Andrew Gallagher, LLC