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Facebook Privacy Advice

There has been a lot of hoopla about how Facebook has circumvented your security settings. Some of this has to do with the status ticker and who sees what in it. 

FB Ticker

Here is a news flash. If you have your privacy settings set properly then only friends will see your like or comment activity here - or anywhere. How do you make sure only friends see any of your posts. Automatically! Follow this procedure:

Visit your 'Privacy Settings' and then select 'Custom'. 

Then select 'Friends' from the 'Make this visible to' 'These people or lists' drop down. If you want your activity kept to a specific list or specific set of people select 'Custom' from this drop down. Finally, hit the 'Save Changes' button. You can also hide activity from specific users or groups automatically by typing in their name in the 'Hide this from' 'These people or lists' input field. 

Don't forget to hit 'Save Changes'. This will in effect let you keep Likes and Comments - and even general FB activity - just amongst those you want to share with. Hope this helps!